Head down to the lower level for a relaxing Swedish or Shiatsu massage from our licensed therapist, whose calm and helpful approach will ease your tension and restore your mind and body. Relax in our comfortable tea nook before or after your appointment!


Reiki is a combination of the Japanese characters of “rei” (spiritual) and “ki” (vital energy). At the root of this gentle healing practice is the notion that our vital energy (mind/body/spirit) can be channeled to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki is noted to reduce blood pressure, ease anxiety, diminish pain, and increase energy. During a session, the practitioner channels Reiki energy, via a hands-on or hands-over approach, which produces a soothing, healing, and relaxing feeling for the recipient. At Avalon, we will customize your session to suit your concerns and comfort level, so you can be sure the experience will be positive. Come give it a try; we bet that Reiki will become a vital component of your wellness plan!

Bodywork-Boosting Essential Oils

Massage therapy at Avalon offers a customized inclusion of doTERRA®’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils® for an optimum therapeutic experience. doTERRA® essential oils further enhance the inflammation-reducing, stress-relieving, and immune-boosting powers of your massage. Consult your therapist to decide which oil(s) is(are) perfect for you, and glide into an even more blissful state!