Justin Markus (Head Muay Thai Instructor/ Head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor/ Head Jeet Kune Do Instructor/ Martial Arts Program Manager/ Executive Director/ Founder)

Loincloth 055CropJustin Markus has been studying martial arts since 1985, and began developing the “Avalon Method” and Accountability-Based Education in 2002. Over the years, Justin has relentlessly studied the martial arts, including Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Western Boxing, Tai Kwon Do, Filipino Weapons and Open Hand systems, as well as Chinese Trapping systems. It is Justin’s belief and desire that, through the use of the Avalon Method, elite performance results can be opened up to every individual.



Nicholas “Surfista” DeShaw (Head Capoeira Instructor)

NichoInstruct.Surfista began learning capoeira in 2006, since then he has been able to learn from many of the best masters of Capoeira including his principle teachers Contra Mestre Versatil and Mestre Amen Santo. To advance his knowledge and skill, he traveled to Brazil in 2009 and again in 2013 visiting many of the historic centers of Capoeira including Salvador da Bahia. Today he leads Capoeira classes at Avalon Educational Institute. The Capoeira community is a vibrant and beautiful one, which welcomes all who wish to be a part of it.



Eric Nurmi (Yoga Instructor/Reiki Therapist)

Eric Nurmi is a Yoga Instructor at Avalon. He is an RYT-200 trained yoga teacher. He ErciInstructhas studied a variety of Yoga traditions some of which include Hatha, Ashtanga, Sivinanda, Iyengar and a few classes in Naam and Kundalini Yoga. Through various teachings, Eric has learned to look at asanas (Yoga poses) in a new way. His classes are primarily Iyengar based blended with concepts from other traditions and a positive attitude. Eric’s primary interest and class focus is in working with people with disabilities and those recovering from injury. Erik’s other roles at Avalon include healing people as a Level 2 Reiki Therapist.



Devin Welch (Wellness Instructor/Massage Therapist)

Devin Welch is a talented and accredited massage therapist. He is a graduate of Centerpoint Massage & Shiatsu School and Clinic’s Therapeutic Massage program (involving 900 hours of in-class instruction). Devin has been trained in both Swedish Relaxation, and Therapeutic Massage.  He has spent time working on world-class athletes and excels in reparative soft-tissue, and chronic pain management/relief massage.